Redmond, WA Residential Locksmith

Redmond, WA Residential Locksmith. When looking for a locksmith to work on your residential locks be sure to call Redmond Key Locksmith at (425) 629-9231, we are a reputable, insured, bonded and licensed locksmith company. You want to avoid the unpleasant experience of someone changing your residential locks and then realizing that they are not licensed, bonded, and insured forcing you to re-hire another locksmith company to do the work again. At Redmond Key Locksmith, we take pride in doing the job right the first time around. It is important that you feel safe and secure in your home, especially when it comes to the security of your loved ones. Many times after a burglary a family feels vulnerable in their home, you can avoid this by following a few of our guidelines.

Redmond, WA Residential Locksmith Guidelines

Redmond, WA Residential Locksmith. The Hollywood image of a burglar wearing all black clothes, a black mask, and high-tech tools isnt reality. In fact, a burglary occurs with a simple kick-in of your front door and the intruder is in and out of your home within minutes. Unfortunately, this is due to low-quality locks and doors that are installed in most American homes today. For example, the strike plate that holds the deadbolt into the door frame is secured by a half inch screw to a half inch thick door frame, as you can imagine this does not provide any substantial security to prevent a brute force entry. Redmond Key Locksmith offers many options that are suitable to your particular needs. One option is to replace your strike plate with a heavy duty strike plate that is secured not to your door frame but rather to the framing with a four inch long screw, this will tie into the two by fours and substantially improve your homes security in Redmond, WA.