Redmond, WA Commercial Door Panic Exit Devices

Redmond, WA Commercial Door Panic Exit Devices – What is it?

Redmond, WA Commercial Door Panic Exit Devices. At Redmond Key Locksmith, we provide installation, maintenance, and repair for all types of panic exit hardware in the Redmond area. Panic exit devices were invented to help people exit a building in an emergency. Prior to this door were in-swinging and side entrances and exits were kept locked. Today, building codes are in place so everyone can exit in an emergency. Exit devices are also known as exit hardware or panic hardware, if they are used on fire rated doors, they are called fire exit hardware.

Redmond, WA Commercial Door Panic Exit Devices – The Specifics

Redmond, WA Commercial Door Panic Exit Devices. An exit device is required for all exit doors with a latch that serves room or spaces that have 50 occupants or more and in certain types of buildings. When doors require panic exit hardware, the actuating portion of the devices must be at least half of the door width, thereby making it easier for a person to find the push bar easily. Most building codes mandate that the device require no more than 15 pounds of force to release the latch. Also, some codes require panic exit hardware to be mounted between 34” and 48” above the floor. Doors that require panic exit hardware cannot have additional locks or restraints, such as padlocks and or deadbolts.

Fire exit hardware is required on fire rated doors instead of regular panic exit hardware, so the opening slows the spread of smoke and or fire. Fire rated doors with panic exit hardware should remain latched at all times and should always be out swinging.

Redmond Key Locksmith services the following panic exit brands: Alarm Lock, Arrow, Best, Corbin Russwin, Cal-Royal, Detex, Dor-O-Matic, Dorma, Falcon, Hes, Kaba, Lcn, Lockmetics, Sargent, Schlage, Securitron, Stanley, Von Duprin, Yale, and Adams Rite. Panic exit hardware is also commonly referred to as the following: exit device, exit hardware, panic device, push bar, and fire exit device.