Same Day Service

Redmond, WA Commercial Locksmith. At Redmond Key Locksmith, we provide complete and full same day service for all commercial retail businesses in the Redmond and surrounding area. We unlock, re-key, and install any lock system on the market. If you have experienced a break-in and need your hardware replaced on the same day to secure your commercial retail location or just want to re-key the locks after an employee change, we can help. We also offer hardware reinforcement and break-in prevention for businesses. We can also help you have full control of your business by installing commercial electronic keypad systems with audit trails and lock down mode. This type of lock gives you the control to limit access to doors and during certain time frames. For example, Dale the custodian has access to the retail floor between 2:00 – 6:00 AM while Tammy the Inventory Manager has access to the loading dock and the inventory room during business hours. Another feature of the audit trail is that it allows you to monitor which employee enters what door at what time.


Redmond, WA Commercial Locksmith. We provide industry leading solutions for all your commercial needs in Redmond, Washington. From a simple a file cabinet re-key to installing locks on an office building. We install panic exit devices and access control systems to meet all your commercial locksmith needs. We work with small and large companies across the Puget Sound and Redmond area. We are committed to the area and understand our customer’s needs. Our expertise is commercial keypad locks and security for your business. We service, provide and install all major commercial locksmith brands on the market today.

Superior Customer Service

Redmond, WA Commercial Locksmith. We help businesses who have a high employee turn-over rate by installing self-re-key locks that will allow you to re-key your lock with a push of a button eliminating the need for you to hire locksmith each time you have an employee change. At Redmond Key Locksmith, we provide the highest level of customer service you will never see pay for advertising because our locally owned business relies solely on word of mouth recommendations. With every commercial service call, we provide a Security Walk-Through and recommend how you can strengthen your security and minimize break-ins. Call us today (425) 629-9231.